Have you ever felt like a question has been on your mind, but it just didn't feel right to ask?

A CHALLENGE by you for the new and improved version of yourself that is about to be born!

A chance at mastering how to ask the RIGHT questions. 

we know it's not easy to ask the right questions, but what if we told you that taking this FREE 30-DAYS CHALLENGE would help change it in just 3 weeks!

MASTERING how to ask the right questions to others will be as easy as breathing.


Pavan is an excellent mentor for Parents and Kids. He is excellent for ensuring my kids have the right growth mindset and excellent communication skills. Kudos to the Power of Questions.

By Harsha,

I loved the challenge. So many points hit me directly and made me realise that we don't like instructions but we give instructions to others. It's not at all a good thing. Thank you, Pavan.

By Geetha,

Amazingly I've learnt how to be clear in my communication and ask questions that not only inspire but motivate others to take action. Practising how to ask questions is a must for all.

By Padmashree,

With the 30 Days Challenge, you will be able to ask for what your heart desires every day.

Have you ever felt irritated when someone has given instructions to do something?

You're not ALONE.

You know that feeling of being told what to do, then not wanting any part in it?

Many feel this way
that's the reason why this course is!

The POWER OF QUESTIONS is a daily tool for asking the right questions and that leads you to be an
attractive person magnet

It helps in cultivating a deep connection with those around us.

People won't be able to stop complimenting YOU!

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