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Instructors: PAVAN RC


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Course Curriculum

Manifest Wealth and Knowledge in Abundance (1 pages)
Sometimes all a person needs is that one missing piece (1 pages)
History doesn't talk about quitters! (1 pages)
The only thing that matters is your happiness. (1 pages)
Always be closer to people who are closer to LIFE. (1 pages)
Sun is alone too, but still shines. (1 pages)
Any ACT without and ASK is a mere TASK (1 pages)
Don't ruin a good day by thinking about a bad Yesterday. (1 pages)
Scold your child in way, where your child will love you more. (1 pages)
I never dreamed for my SUCCESS. I worked for it. (1 pages)
It isn't big to make others feel small! (1 pages)
You only live once but if you do it right, once is enough! (1 pages)
Let go of the PAST and the Past will let go of YOU! (1 pages)
FOCUS on the OUTCOME, not the obstacle! (1 pages)
Prepare like you have never won. (1 pages)
Focus on the Good! (1 pages)
We're all stories in the end! (1 pages)
Allow your child to be a unicorn in the field of horses. (1 pages)
Don't limit your children, Challenge their limits. (1 pages)
If ignorance is bliss, Knowledge is Profound! (1 pages)
Upgradation is an outfit that looks good on everyone! (1 pages)
Children have to content generators (1 pages)
Parents don't complete children; children complete parents. (1 pages)
Life will sparkle when our children will sparkle (1 pages)
Always aim to liberate it. (1 pages)
Learn the ability to learn from anything and everything. (1 pages)
Choose that '1' passionate thing and excel in it. (1 pages)
Your mind is a super power. (1 pages)
Train your child's mind to be a LEADER. (1 pages)
Growth will come only when you venture into your uncomfortable zone. (1 pages)
Nothing is more precious than your children INVEST in them now. (1 pages)
As long as EXAMS exist, prayers will exist. (1 pages)
LIFE is ride, enjoy it! (1 pages)
Be where the wise are! (1 pages)
You need to learn to stand out to be OUTSTANDING. (1 pages)

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